Questions and Answers

It's easy to donate to Goodwill. Do you have a question about how to donate? Read below for all you need to know about the donation process.

What items can I donate?

Clothing, shoes, books, computers, electronics, cooking accessories, furniture, jewelry, musical instruments, sporting equipment, pictures, art, tools and toys, linens and house wares. Goodwill is unable to accept computers, auto parts, building materials, hazardous materials or tires. Click here for a list of what we accept.

Will you pick up my donations?

Due to the cost involved we do not provide home pickup. However, we do offer conveniently located donation drive-thru centers with convenient hours of service. Click Here for a list of Goodwill Locations.

Do I get a tax-deductible receipt for my donations?

Whenever you donate to Goodwill you will receive a receipt acknowledging the date that Goodwill received your donation.

How do I determine the value of my donation for tax purposes?

Check out our list of estimated donation values for more information. We update this list regularly in accordance with federal tax law.

How does Goodwill use my donations?

Goodwill provides services in the community to turn donations into good jobs, good homes, and good neighborhoods! Our primary fundraising comes from the resale of donated merchandise through Goodwill Good Neighbor Centers. We use that revenue to fund mission services that provide job training, employment, and other vital services to individuals and families.

What happens to the donations Goodwill can't use or sell?

Goodwill is able to accept most donations except those items listed on the Donate to Goodwill page. We use a quality inspection process to determine what merchandise we can sell within our Good Neighbor Centers or whether it will be sold through our clearance outlets and then through our post-retail recycling program. We receive more than 100,000 donations each year and through our recycling efforts keep five million pounds out of our landfills each year.

Is Goodwill a business or a charity?

We're a charity that runs a business. Goodwill is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that utilizes revenue generated from its donated goods/retail business to fund training, employment, and other vital services and which utilizes our business environment to actually provide training, employment, and other vital services.

Are all Goodwills around the country the same?

Goodwill is an association of more than 170 autonomous member organizations, each governed by a local board of directors. Every Goodwill adheres to common practices governing ethics, fiscal responsibility and the like. At the same time, every Goodwill is designed to respond to the local needs of the communities it serves.

Do you repair items I donate?

The cost of repairing items greatly exceeds the price we charge in our Good Neighbor Centers. At one time, this activity represented a training program for people seeking employment.

Why does Goodwill refuse to accept certain items?

We are unable to resell certain items and in some cases incur excessive costs to dispose of them per EPA-mandated guidelines. Also, we have neither the specialized equipment or resources required to handle large appliances, building materials, and the like.

Do you accept cars?

We also accept boats, motorcycles, RV's, motor homes and any other item with a title. Simply drop your vehicle at your nearest Goodwill. Click Here for a list of Goodwill Locations.

Will my contribution stay in our area?

Yes. Contributions of goods and money made to Goodwill support programs and services provided by Goodwill Industries in Coconino, Yavapai, and Mohave counties.

How many people do you help a year?

In 2008, Goodwill served 3,328 people.

Does Goodwill only provide services to people with disabilities?

We serve people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, including former welfare recipients, single mothers, recent immigrants, high school dropouts and individuals with a history of chronic unemployment, incarceration, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Do you charge for your services?

All of our services are offered free of charge.

Are the people who work within your Good Neighbor Centers volunteers?

They are paid team members. A major aspect of our mission services is to provide job training and employment to those with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Why do you charge for merchandise you get for free?

We incur many expenses while collecting, transporting, sorting and selling donated goods. They include salaries and benefits, utility bills, gas and tires for our vehicles. We utilize the revenues generated by our Good Neighbor Centers to fund a wide array of mission services.